Madam Therapeutics

What makes AMPs different from conventional antibiotics?

The development of conventional antibiotics heavily relies on the concept of each antibiotic having a single primary target and a single mode of action.

Nature appears to have chosen a very different concept for the evolution of host-defense and anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), favoring the design of rather ‘dirty’ drugs that disturb many biological functions simultaneously with a rather modest potency rather than blocking a specific high-affinity target. As a result, AMPs have been effective for billions of years, and therefore new therapeutic approaches using AMPs might represent a method of extending the half-life of these antimicrobials, beyond the 1–2 decades enjoyed by most conventional antibiotics

Our AMPs have therefore are excellent candidate agents that subvert a number of microbial antibiotic resistance mechanisms (AMR), and thus are attractive agents to address and overcome AMR.