Madam Therapeutics


Remko van Leeuwen Chief Executive Officer


Remko van Leeuwen has more than 25 years of research experience under his belt, both in the industry as well as in the academic arena. He has a medical background, and been trained as a clinical epidemiologist and has extensive experienced in clinical infectious disease management. He has obtained a PhD in clinical HIV studies. After completing his PhD, he decided on a career switch and he terminated his hospital based clinical activities. Over the last 2 decades, he has various positions in drug development and clinical trial conduct. He has designed and executed numerous clinical trials and pre-clinical development programs. He has been team leader of large multi-national successful research projects. He carries in depth knowledge of product development, including regulatory requirements, medical affairs, biostatistics and data analysis. He has followed the NIABA Masterclass of Biobusiness 2009/2010. In 2011 he founded Madam Therapeutics.

Twitter: @RemkovanLeeuwen

Leonie de Best Chief Business Officer


Leonie de Best has a background in Analytical Chemistry and has 19 years of extensive management experience in biotech/life science industry, of which 5 years at senior executive level (COO). Leonie has a broad experience in the management of business processes in the field of (in-vitro) diagnostic assay and pharmaceutical product development from research stage until European and US market registrations. With this experience she supports life science organizations like Madam Therapeutic to efficiently achieve their ambitious goals, bringing valuable and high quality health care products and services to patients.



Ron Byron VP Relations

Ron brings with him over 20 years of business management and strategic planning experience from various organizations throughout the world. He has extensive experience in the Medical Technology and Bio-Pharmaceuticals industries in the areas of Sales & Marketing and operational management having covered management roles of affiliates and distributor organizations throughout EMEA, APAC /ANZ, and the US. Ron has an MBA from Glasgow University Business School and an MSc in Strategy & Organization (Open University). He has a PhD from the Faculty of Management Sciences and Technology of the Open University, The Netherlands. Ron is specialized in the identification and selection of promising and innovative start-ups in the bio-medical and medical technology industry.