Madam Therapeutics


Our compounds are based on technologies from Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam. Both institutes have worked closely with us over the recent years to develop the most optimal peptides that we are now converting into powerful antibacterial products.

Madam Therapeutics was incepted in 2011 and has since the very first day intensively collaborated with the inventors of the peptide families at both institutes. Our aim was to improve the antimicrobial compounds that were developed in the past in older studies. This work has led to the a new patent family. We call the new lead compound SAAP-148, which was selected out of series of near 300 different peptides that we have generated . SAAP stands for Synthetic Antimicrobial Antibiofilm Peptides (SAAP), and indicates that these are not just another family of ant . SAAP-148 is a completely novel optimized antimicrobial compound with in vitro antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and biofilm-dispersing activity.

We are not the only company that is developing antimicrobial peptides, but we dare to say that our SAAPs are best in class. We therefore have an excellent starting position to become the world’s leading company in the development of products for patients around the world to combat bacterial infections using antimicrobial peptides as active ingredient.