Madam Therapeutics

SAAPs: Optimized Peptide for Human Infections

Madam Therapeutics’ synthetic analogues (synthetic antimicrobial antibiofilm peptides; SAAPs) are peptides based on the natural human peptide LL-37 that possess strong antimicrobial activity and are robustness against antimicrobial resistance.

Madam Therapeutics SAAP technology is based on the pioneering work of the Amsterdam University Medical Center and the Leiden University Medical Center. The company has worldwide exclusive access to the proprietary technology.

SAAPs unique mode of action results in perforation of bacteria, resulting in bacterial cell death. The company has been working several years on the technology to gain essential insights into the optimal profile of SAAPs.

Madam Therapeutics leverages this this knowledge to develop the “pearls” within the portfolio for optimum selectively index (activity vs toxicity), cost of goods and stability..


SAAP candidates have unique characteristics with regards to potency against bacteria, immuno-modulatory characteristics, endotoxin-binding activities, activity in the presence of plasma, and anti-biofilm aspects. This makes them both suitable for application in different therapeutic indications.