Madam Therapeutics

SAAP-148: optimized peptide for use in wound care

The incidence of foot infections in persons with diabetes ranges from a lifetime risk of up to 25% in all persons with the diagnosis, to 4% yearly in patients treated in a specialized care unit. Diabetic foot ulcers occasionally present as cellulitis or post-traumatic (including postsurgical) infections, but are most commonly a consequence of ulcerations secondary to progressive peripheral polyneuropathy. This causes a loss of protective sensation, as well as foot deformities, gait disorders, anterior displacement of weight- bearing during walking, and reduced mobility. These neurological problems are commonly accompanied by arterial insufficiency and immunological disturbances. Developing a diabetic foot ulcers is now the most common diabetes-related reason for hospitalization and lower extremity amputation.

We have developed peptides with optimal antibacterial activity at conditions mimicking the physiological environment of wounds and has resulted in the discovery of the new peptides SAAP-145, SAAP-148, SAAP-159, and SAAP-276; of this series SAAP-148 forms our lead molecule, with the other ones as backup molecules.


Madam Therapeutics will move forwards with it’s lead candidate: SAAP-148. Both candidates have unique characteristics with regards to potency against bacteria, immuno-modulatory characteristics, endotoxin-binding activities, activity in the presence of plasma, and anti-biofilm aspects. This makes them both suitable for application in different therapeutic indications.