Madam Therapeutics

P10 Optimized for Animal Health

Madam Therapeutics follows a ‘One Health’ approach for development of it’s products. Many of the same microbes infect animals and humans, as they share the ecosystems they live in.

Unfortunately there is significant potential for emergence of antibiotic-resistant organisms in animal and human populations from the widespread use of antibiotics in food animals.

A One Health approach – with new antimicrobial agents that are really different from human antibiotics is therefore extremely relevant for combating antibiotic resistance.

Madam Therapeutics has a adopted the One Health philosophy via a dedicated development program using other peptides than our SAAP-based platform for animal health. The lead molecule is called P10.

P10 has the same benefits for the animal health as our lead peptides for human health. As P10 is derived from a different family as our lead molecules for human health, there is no concern for cross-resistance. Yet P10 also carries all the significant advantages over traditional antibiotics that our human leads have.

P10 is a very effective, broad-spectrum anti-microbial peptide which possesses very rapid bactericidal activity. P10 has shown to be very effective against bacteria residing in biofilms whereas traditional antibiotics are not. P10 is also very effective in the killing of (multi-) resistant bacteria and is very robust against resistance formation itself.

Example therapeutic indications are mastitis is cows and otitis externa (outer ear infection) in dogs. Both indications represent an unmet need in both livestock as well as companion animals.