Madam Therapeutics

SAAPs to fight MRSA

In people who are carriers of MRSA, the bacterium colonizes the anterior nares (nostrils). MRSA can easily spread from carriers to others causing severe infections, especially in hospitalized and immuno-compromised individuals. MRSA infections cause >5000 deaths in the EU annually and MRSA’s increasing resistance to antibiotics is becoming a serious threat to healthcare settings.

S. aureus (both methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant) is carried by up to 30% of healthy individuals. The percentage of resistant MRSA isolates is substantial and rising, ranging from <1% (Sweden) to >50% (Portugal) in 2012. Transmission to and subsequent infection of hospitalized and immune-compromised individuals, can be life-threatening as effective antibiotics are becoming limited. To prevent spreading and protect patients, treatment of MRSA nasal carriage in both healthcare professionals and patients is standard procedure within hospitals.


Therefore, there is an unmet medical need for an antimicrobial agent that is effective in treating MRSA carriage. Our target markets are:

  1. HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Nasal MRSA eradication in medical staff could prevent spreading and outbreaks of MRSA in healthcare institutions. This market comprises of 17.1 million and 18 million professional health care workers in the EU and US, respectively.
  2. HOSPITALIZED PATIENTS: Annually, 67 million people are admitted to hospitals in Europe. In the US, 52.3 million people receive in-patient care each year.