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Why burns are a very relevant area for Madam Therapeutics

A large scale burn incident in a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, on October 30, 2015 demonstrated once more the need for an new anti-infection treatment modalities.

Around 200 people got injured and more than 50 people died as a consequence of their severe burns and lack of adequate treatment capacity. Some severely injured people were transported to other European countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands), but the capacity in these countries is also limited due to severe isolation measures that are necessary in relation to the (potential) bacterial burden on these patients

The presence of bacterial species not seen in the Burn Centers in these Western-European countries severely hampered the treatment of these Romanian patients. Similar difficulties were encountered in the screening of patients and visitors from Middle East countries, where a discrepancy was noted in test results between a quick scan test for MRSA and the regular test.

A woman on a stretcher being transferred between hospitals in Bucharest. Photograph: Robert Ghement/EPA; see

Recent attacks in 2015 with mustard gas, a vesicant blistering agent producing chemical burns characterized by slow wound healing, by terrorist group ISIS in Syria indicate that the threat of burns is still unrelenting.


Young girl carrying the scars from a blister agent attack on her home in August. Photograph: Bryan Denton for The New York Times, see