Madam Therapeutics


SARS CoV 2 virus

Recently, peptides like our SAAP have gained interest for treatment of viral diseases for which no licensed therapy is available, such as COVID-19, Zika and Dengue. We are therefore embarking on a screening program of our SAAP family (a set of 1026 peptides) for identification and development of putative modulators of SARS-CoV-2 infections (the coronavirus causing COVID-19 disease). In this hit to lead program we have entitled “Turn-The_tide” we aim to identify the most effective and safe compounds for further development for either (1) direct inhibition of coronaviruses; or (2) treatment of bacterial complications of COVID-19.

Madam Therapeutics was one of the limited number of companies that was selected in a  competition that was organised by the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) and the Commission’s Research Directorate-General (RTD), who have put together their forces to acknowledge COVID-19 projects as a core area of interest for todays’ EU needs. The “Turn-The_Tide” project has been awarded a dedicated Covid-19 certificate, which will boost our visibility to investors via the investors portal from the European Commission.