Madam Therapeutics


Madam Therapeutics B.V. was founded as a limited liability company under Dutch Madam Therapeutics has been operating as a lean (‘virtual’) company, relying on strategic partners for most of the development activities. This has enabled us to keep our overhead costs down to an absolute minimum. Using this strategy, we have successfully completed our first stages of seed and follow-up financing via public funding. Since the establishment of the company.

Madam Therapeutics has intensively collaborated with the inventors of the peptide families. The implementation of our business strategy depends for a larger part on the scientific support, skills, experience and performance of the LUMC research team (in the field of peptides, infectious diseases etc.).

Moreover, Madam Therapeutics has a fruitful partnership with leading scientists at LUMC, AMCAmsterdam UMC (locations VUmc en AMC), VU and the Dutch burns centres. The collective efforts of each of these persons, working together also with the Madam Therapeutics team will be critical to our business as we continue to develop our products, conduct our clinical research as well as developing the scientific evidence and messaging of our products.

Together with these partners, Madam Therapeutics is dedicated to developing its proprietary knowledge into a novel type of antibiotic that can tackle resistant bacteria and prevent resistant bacteria to emerge.