Madam Therapeutics


To date, only few companies have reached the stage of investigating the clinical efficacy of a (commercially) viable Ant-Microbial peptide (AMP). Our SAAPs combine extraordinary potent anti-microbial and anti-biofilm characteristics. We believe SAAPs are a unique class of AMPs that have given us a significant advantage over other companies.shutterstock_204172453

Although AMPs were discovered in the 80s, their clinical and commercial development had limitations for several decaded, such as susceptibility to proteases, safety profiling issues and high cost of peptide production. In the previous years, Madam Therapeutics and various groups of LUMC and AMC have invested heavily to overcome those obstacles, and carried out extensive efforts in preparation for the projects.

With the first programs now reaching the clinical stage of development, Madam Therapeutics is moving into its 2nd phase of growth with the first trials planned for 2017.