Madam Therapeutics

Business Strategy

To date, only few companies have reached the stage of investigating the clinical efficacy of a (commercially) viable antibiotic based on the principles of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). Our SAAP and p10 platforms combine extraordinary potent anti-microbial and anti-biofilm characteristics. We believe SAAPs and p10 are both unique classes of AMPs that have given us a significant advantage over other companies.


Madam Therapeutics employs the proven biotech business model of technology licensing. We won’t bring our SAAP and p10 based products to the market ourselves. Madam Therapeutics’ strategy is to develop our novel peptides up to early clinical trials (so called phase IIa stage) to drive the company value.

Subsequently, we aim to license the molecule to an industrial partner that has the required infrastructure and means to perform the late stage development steps and successfully bring the peptide to the market. The license deal consists of milestone payments (completion phase IIb, III; market approval) and royalties on gross profits.

How do we defend our competitive advantage?

Direct competitors with products on the market fail to address the AMR robustness and lack antibiofilm activity – responsible for persistence infections causing relapses. Our technology is unique as it i) Kills a wide spectrum of bacteria, including (multi- and PAN-) resistant bacteria from the outside- within minutes, ii) Has antibiofilm properties – killing persister cells, iii) Lowers the chance of AMR to emerge as our SAAPs are more robust against resistance development, and iv) Has a very favorable tolerance profile.