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The Cost of Antimicrobial Resistance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]AMR has gradually become a major global public health threat, which is recognized by governments and authorities like WHO, CDC, ECDC, etc. Antibacterial resistance kills nearly fifty thousand people per year across the EU and USA, whilst inducing healthcare costs of nearly 18 billion Euro .

Just one example of the consequences of AMR is a deadly epidemic that could have global implications which is quietly sweeping India, and among its many victims are tens of thousands of newborns dying because antibiotics no longer work. These infants are born with bacterial infections that are resistant to most known antibiotics, and more than 58,000 died last year as a result, a recent study found. While that is still a fraction of the nearly 800,000 newborns that die annually in India, Indian pediatricians say that the rising toll of resistant infections could soon swamp efforts to improve India’s abysmal infant death rate.

To make a long story short: if we do not act on the problem of AMR, the loss of GDP as a result of AMR will have accumulated to 100 trillion dollars in loss of GDP by 2050.

Loss of GDP by AMR