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Why Madam Therapeutics focuses on developing its SAAPs as treatment for both the Corona virus as well as superbugs during the COVID-19 crisis

Young woman wearing protective face mask, she sitting in bus transportation in the city.

We’re all focused on the coronavirus, but there’s another, major threat still lurking: superbugs. And the pandemic is a stark reminder of the need to be prepared for public health crises, particularly the growing danger of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, says Pew in new analysis

Fact: We need new antibiotics. Superbugs killed 160,000 Americans in 2010—and unless we take action, they’re expected to kill 10 million people per year by 2050.

But there aren’t enough antibiotics in the development pipeline. “According to Pew’s most recent assessment of the antibiotic pipeline, far too few drugs are in development with even the potential to treat the most dangerous superbugs,” writes Pew

Why are we talking about antibiotics in the context of a virus? “Antibiotics are needed to protect COVID-19 patients who have weakened immune systems (and who may be on ventilators) and are therefore at risk for secondary bacterial infections. Likewise, antibiotics are also critical for patients fighting cancer, receiving dialysis, undergoing surgery, and requiring countless other medical treatments and procedures,” Pew explains.

This is why Madam Therapeutics is developing peptides from it’s SAAP both as antiviral compounds targeted to fight COVID-19, as well as the secondary bacterial infections.

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