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AMR-Global kicks-off in Utrecht

On April 18th 2019 the AMR-Global coalition kicked-off at a first workshop in Utrecht.

AMR-Global aims at sustainable and collaborative research with input from various knowledge domains and industry sectors. AMR-Global is anticipated to conduct broad research terrains. Using a system approach, we aim to make an essential contribution to improving the health of humans, animals and the environment globally, by including critical factors such as local value, affordability, sustainability and health market- and health system uptake.

As ‘coalition building’ public private partnership, AMR-Global seeks to expand on relationships with academia and companies within and outside of the Netherlands, and together prioritize our innovation agenda. The meeting was intended to discuss how we can become an inclusive and multidisciplinary International Health Coalition with the intent to graduate from ‘coalition building’ to ‘fully operational’ public private partnership. 

Madam Therapeutics will contribute to this initiative with knowledge and expertise. We will make an active contribution to jointly look for financial resources with the other partners in AMR-Global. By doing so, we contribute to the goal of AMR-Global, which is to reach a target group in low and middle income countries and to give them access to our resources when they need them, and to do so in a responsible way.

A 2nd workshop has been planned for July 9th

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