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Remko van Leeuwen features in video from Holland Bio

On January 24th, HollandBIO celebrated with its members and relations its first lustrum during the HollandBIO Year Event in the heart of Amsterdam. The event for the Dutch biotech sector was once again full of innovation, inspiring entrepreneurship and a healthy dose of humor. The opening video made it clear at a glance how the life sciences sector already contributes to a sustainable and healthy society, what innovations are on the horizon and the important role of HollandBIO to clear away the obstacles biotech frontrunners on their way from lab to meet society. Remko van Leeuwen, CEO from Madam Therapeutics is one the entrepreneurs that were selected to talk on their passion for biotech. Remko van Leeuwen, as well the other
entrepreneurs look back at the first five years HollandBIO and, of course, ahead: in the next five years, HollandBIO will once again be full of enthusiasm to pave the way for biotech innovations.

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