Madam Therapeutics

New business report describes Madam Therapeutics as key player for the development of new treatments for burns

A new business outlook on the global burns market has been published this week. Madam Therapeutics is listed as a “dominating players with regards to growth of this particular market”.

The report `is portraying an in-depth study of the global burns treatment market, and covers the growth rate of the market during the anticipated time. Supplying a concise overview, the global Burns Treatment market research report verifies the assessment and volume of the Burns Treatment market in the upcoming period. Adocia, AlgiPharma AS, Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc., American Gene Technologies International Inc., Biogenomics Limited, CytoTools AG, Destiny Pharma Limited, Lakewood-Amedex Inc, Madam Therapeutics B.V., MediWound Ltd., Mitochon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Phosphagenics Limited, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Sinclair Pharma Plc, Stratatech Corporation, Tissue Therapies Limited, USV Pvt Ltd are dominating players in the global Burns Treatment market.

The latest research report also encloses key features contributing to the development of the global Burns Treatment market.

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