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Madam Therapeutics CEO Remko van Leeuwen speaks at Europe’s first human and animal health business summit

Remko van Leeuwen and Michael Graz from BiopPhys had a lively discussion on realistic alternatives to traditional antibiotics at Europe’s first human and animal health business summit.

In a ‘fireside chat’ formatted discussion, they discussed various new approaches to addressing AMR, and advocated that growing acceptance for alternatives to traditional antibiotics is required.

Such alternatives in development include anti-virulence agents, bacteriophages, antibodies, lysins, probiotics, immune stimulation, vaccines and of course antimicrobial peptides, such as the SAAPs that Madam Therapeutics is working on.

Both speakers discussed for an audience of delegates from Europe’s leading Human and Animal Health businesses how these technologies are increasingly impacting human and veterinary health, taking the benefits from SAAPs as an example.

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