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Can SAAPs help fighting a flesh eating bug that is on rise in Australia?

The Medical Journal of Australia and news agency AAP report on a flesh-eating bug that is on the rise in Australia, and says that researchers don’t know how it’s spreading.

Experts are calling for urgent government funding so they can figure out how to contain the bacteria, which causes an infectious disease called Buruli ulcer. Most commonly found in west or central Africa and usually associated with stagnant water, it can have devastating impacts on sufferers, including long- term disability and deformity.

The cases are also becoming more severe and occurring in new areas, but efforts to control the outbreak have been thwarted, because it’s not known how humans are infected, a new study published in the Medical Journal of Australia says.

Madam Therapeutics is working along with international partners on the BURULICARE project. The project aims to improve the treatment options for patients with Buruli Ulcers. The consortium is currently looking for funding.

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