Madam Therapeutics

Remko van Leeuwen, CEO of Madam Therapeutics, elected as board member of the BEAM Alliance

Paris, April 12th 2018.


The BEAM Alliance announced today that Remko van Leeuwen, CEO of Madam Therapeutics, has been elected as a new board member of the BEAM Alliance. BEAM (Biotech companies in Europe combating AntiMicrobial Resistance) represents European small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance BEAM gives its members a unique voice to propose and support policies and incentives in antimicrobial research and development in Europe. BEAM recommends bold incentives that warrant action by policymakers to stimulate much needed innovation.

“I am excited to have received the trust of the members of BEAM by electing me as board member of BEAM”, say Remko van Leeuwen. “I anticipate taking an active role in the BEAM Alliance efforts, and help to increase the impact of the initiative, giving us what we need to battle superbugs”.



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