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LUMC infectiologist Mark de Boer interviewed by the Volkskrant on shortage of antibiotics

In the past few months, seven types of antibiotics were temporarily or permanently unavailable in the Netherlands. Due to the increasing shortage, doctors are more likely to resort to broader antibiotics that are still available. However, these are more expensive and have more side effects. “The patient is the victim of this. When using heavy artillery, the resistance risk is higher”, says Mark de Boer, internist infectiologist at the LUMC, in an interview in the Dutch Newspaper de Volkskrant. The interview can be read here (In Dutch, subscription may be required).

Madam Therapeutics is working closely with Mark de Boer and other specialist of the LUMC on the development of SAAP-148 and other compounds.

More info on the recent concerns about increasing shortages of antibiotics in The Netherlands on the site AMR-insights from Maarten van Dongen (in English, free of charge).

A recent example of the clinical challenges that physicians face on a daily basis is that mupirocine nasal ointment is not available in the coming period in the Netherlands.
Mupirocine nasal ointment is used for decolonization of MRSA carriers and decolonization of S. aureus in dialysis and around the operation. As far as the Dutch antibiotic working group is concerned, there are no proven effective alternative available at the moment.

Madam Therapeutics is working on a nose cream for nasal MRSA carriers. Market introduction is still a number of years away, as clinical trials need to be completed first.

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