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SAAP-148 featured in news show on Dutch National TV

SAAP-148, which Madam Therapeutics anticipates to bring into clinical studies later this year, was highlighted in the Newsshow “EenVandaag” on Dutch National TV.

EenVandaag is a newsshow from Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, which analyzes news developments in a clear way, “close to the people”. In addition to general subjects from home and abroad, special attention is given to politics, economy, safety, health and culture. EenVandaag reaches more than a million people daily on TV, radio and online.

SAAP-148 is also highlighted on the EenVandaag Website. The site describes that “humanity faces a gigantic problem: existing antibiotics regularly fail to function properly because bacteria become increasingly resistant”. They continue that if this trend continues, “simple infections such as a bladder infection or an infected wound, but also medical interventions such as transplants, the placement of prostheses and other surgeries will soon become life-threatening”.

The effects of SAAP-148 are described as a new generation of antibiotics from Leiden could make a difference worldwide in the treatment of these infections. But whether it works is by no means certain…..Once the researchers find out in which combinations and dosage forms the peptide works best, they can make the next step to testing in patients. Nibbering hopes that this step can be taken at the end of 2018″.


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