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SAAP-148 development gets boost via grant from NWO

Close to fifty scientists and twenty companies, funds and foundations are going to work on the development of new accessible and affordable antibiotics, and to antibiotic use.

This is done in eight research projects that have received the green light today from the NWO domain Applied and Technical Sciences (TTW). Jointly NWO and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), invests almost 7 million euros in this research program entitled NECTAR.

Madam Therapeutics is part of one of the 8 consortia that have received an award in this NECTAR program. 

The project is entitled next stage development of the novel synthetic antimicrobial peptide SAAP-148 (NESDAP). In this project we will develop chemical modifications to increase our peptide’s ability to penetrate cells. Several strategies, e.g. nanoparticles and PLGA microspheres, to optimize the delivery of SAAP-148 deep into wounds with a controlled release over time will be developed in parallel. Efficacy of combinations of optimal formulations and SAAP-148 will be investigated in animal models for chronic wound infections. The NESDAP program is coordinated by Dr. Peter Nibbering from the department of Infectious Diseases of the LUMC in Leiden. Other project partners include AMC, VUmc, Association of Dutch Burn Centres, the Dutch Burns Foundation, the Diabetes Fund and the formulation company Avivia. The project budget is 880,000 EUR.

Madam Therapeutics is proud to be part of the industrial partners which contributed over one million euros to NACTAR projects, financially or in the form of knowledge or equipment.  The eight funded research projects involved a total of twelve knowledge institutes, as well as fifteen (pharmaceutical) companies and five health funds and foundations.

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