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BEAM Alliance: more financial support needed for Europe’s 40 top innovator companies in antimicrobial drug development

Taking advantage of the World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WHO), the European BEAM alliance, representing 40 ‘Biopharmaceutical companies from Europe innovating in AntiMicrobial resistance’ research including Madam Therapeutics, released a position paper to acknowledge these efforts and to highlight the important role that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are playing as innovators.

The document lists ten (10) guidelines as to how antibacterial R&D could be revived and proposes specific support for SME-driven innovation in the AMR field. The alliance particularly demands that policymakers understand the specific nature and needs of SMEs to design effective PUSH and PULL mechanisms.

  1. Adequately-shaped incentive mechanisms that ultimately rewards R&D evidence
  2. Health Technology Assessment recognising the true value of SME innovation
  3. Dedicated regulatory pathways to support the specific needs of AMR projects and act as pre-qualification criteria to some PUSH/PULL incentive mechanisms
  4. PUSH incentives and funding mechanisms that are directed to SMEs, calibrated and accessible for SMEs in practice
  5. Calibrated Market Entry Rewards (MER) to ensure continuous and sustainable innovation from academics to biotech companies and to large pharma players
  6. R&D prizes and phase entry rewards as effective PULL mechanisms for SMEs to incentivise the most underserved indications in AMR
  7. Targeted tax incentives specifically addressing SMEs to incentivise private investments into AMR-focused companies and/or avoid de-prioritization
  8. Going beyond to exploit all possibilities for AMR from SMEs
  9. Support education to strengthen attractiveness of the field for R&D professionals/scientists
  10. Long term thinking and wisely usage of AMR innovations combined with appropriate diagnostics development

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