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NADP takes the next step towards new antibiotics and alternatives


The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP) will be launched in April. The new platform facilitates the collaboration between public and private organisations, to enhance the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies for infectious diseases in humans and animals.

NADP will identify relevant research groups, institutes and companies involved in chemical, biological, and/or biomedical antibiotic research to forge collaborations through targeted connections and will organise regular meetings with interested parties. At a later stage, the NADP will provide Drug Discovery Management support/vouchers and Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office support.

Within the Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP), knowledge institutions and the business community will work together to develop new antibiotics and alternatives. The core mission of NADP is to bring companies and research groups together to accelerate research into the development of new antibiotics and alternatives to antibiotics.

Madam Therapeutics welcomes this very important initiative in the Netherlands, and congratulates the initiators with this achievement. In the upcoming years, Madam Therapeutics will contribute this expertise to the NADP to accelerate the R&D in new antibiotics, and alternative and preventive treatments for bacterial infections in humans and animals.

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