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Knowledge of citizens on antimicrobial resistance across the EU remains low

There is a clear need for wide-reaching factual information programmes on AMR according to several recent surveys on consumer perceptions and awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This points to the growing need for greater understanding and demonstrates that science-based information should be one of the main points of action for the upcoming EU Action Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance, says IFAH-Europe.

The European Food Safety Authority’s recently published report on Perceptions on the human health impact of and antibiotics use in animals across the EU echoes the findings of the Commission’s Eurobarometer on Antimicrobial Resistance awareness, which showed that knowledge of citizens across the EU remains low.

Indeed these findings concur with IFAH-Europe’s citizens’ survey carried out in 2016 which showed that 69% of respondents have concerns about antibiotic-resistant bacteria from farm animals being passed to people and 49% think that the use of antibiotics in farm animals makes antibiotics less effective for people. EFSA’s report shows that 57% of respondents said they did not receive any information about resistance to antibiotics over the past year and 61% said that they don’t have enough knowledge about the use of antibiotics in farmed animals.

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