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Madam Therapeutics announces appointment of Leonie Best as Chief Business Officer

Leiden, November 3rd 2016. – Madam Therapeutics, a privately held company that is developing Synthetic Antimicrobial and Anti Biofilm Peptides to combat resistant bacterial infections, today announced the appointment of Leonie de Best as Chief Business Officer.

Leonie de Best has a background in Analytical Chemistry and has 19 years of extensive management experience in biotech/life science industry, of which 5 years at senior executive level (COO). Leonie has a broad experience in the management of business processes in the field of (in-vitro) diagnostic assay and pharmaceutical product development from research stage until European and US market registrations. With this experience she supports life science organizations like Madam Therapeutic to efficiently achieve their ambitious goals, bringing valuable and high quality health care products and services to patients.

Remko van Leeuwen, CEO of Madam Therapeutics, said:

“Leonie has a very strong business background, and has worked with earlier generation antimicrobial peptides. Leonie will no doubt contribute to the already firm development program at a critical time as the company needs to be fully prepared to starts the first clinical trial in humans next year. We are extremely fortunate to have Leonie joining our leadership team.”

Leonie de Best

Leonie de Best

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