Madam Therapeutics


Madam Therapeutics’ is a pre-clinical stage biotech company from the Netherlands that is developing novel antibiotics, so called Synthetic Anti-Microbial and Anti-Biofilm Peptides (SAAPs) to combat a wide variety of (resistant) bacterial infections.

Our SAAPs are inspired on the naturally occurring human defense peptides that guard us from many bugs daily. They are highly active against numerous (multi- and PAN drug resistant) bacteria and have a very favorable tolerance profile. Our SAAPs combine two characteristics essential for such new strategies: they kill bacteria fast (within minutes) and from the outside and they have a limited likelihood of creating resistance themselves. The peptides are effective against a wide range of bacteria including the ones on the WHO priority pathogens list.

Apart from our SAAPs to treat infections in humans, we also develop specific peptides to treat infections in animals.

Update Spring 2020: Recently, peptides like our SAAP have gained interest for treatment of viral diseases for which no licensed therapy is available, such as COVID-19, Zika and Dengue. We are therefore embarking on a screening program of our SAAP family (a set of 1026 peptides) for identification and development of putative modulators of SARS-CoV-2 infections (the coronavirus causing COVID-19 disease). In this hit to lead program we have entitled “Turn-The_tide” we aim to identify the most effective and safe compounds for further development for either (1) direct inhibition of coronaviruses; or (2) treatment of bacterial complications of COVID-19.

Madam Therapeutics was one of the limited number of companies that was selected in a  competition that was organised by the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) and the Commission’s Research Directorate-General (RTD), who have put together their forces to acknowledge COVID-19 projects as a core area of interest for todays’ EU needs. The “Turn-The_Tide” project has been awarded a dedicated Covid-19 certificate, which will boost our visibility to investors via the investors portal from the European Commission.

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